Jeneva 3D Print and Design

Model Guidelines

Please take note of these guidelines when designing in CAD for SLA printing and casting.

Maximum build size 125 x 125 x 165mm

If your model is larger than this volume you will need to reduce the scale or split your model into sections, which can then be re assembled.

Wall thickness

The minimum wall thickness that we would recommend would be 0.7mm this is sufficient strength for most requirements. There are many variants depending on the amount of structural support.

Minimum surface detail
For details that are to be embossed or extruded on a surface give a depth or height of 0.5mm for these details, any less than this and they may not be consistent or clear.

Model supports

Your model will require a support structure to enable the printing process. We will prepare the model supports as part of our printing service and remove these once printed, If your item is to be cast there must be a space for a sprue to be attached for the casting process.

Working Weight

If you are creating a model to be cast into metal, please allow a little extra working weight for polishing and finishing of the metal. If you are creating jewellery you may need extra length on claws or beads for setting stones.


For models to be cast in metal the surface will need some form of finishing. If you require a highly polished finish this will be done manually. Consider if all areas a re accessible for polishing, Including deep cavities and enclosed details.