Jeneva 3D Print and Design


What materials can I print in?

We have four standard resins available Black, grey, white and clear; and three functional resins castable, tough and flexible. For more information please click here

What formats are accepted?

We accept STL files.

How can I make sure my model will print successfully?

We will check all model before quotation and will advise on any necessary changes. Please check our model checklist before you upload your model. Click here

How quick will I receive my model?

We aim to turn around all models within two days.

What is the largest print size available?

We can print parts with a build volume up to 125mm X 125mm X 165 mm. For larger models the model may be broken down into smaller segments.

What is the accuracy of my print?

25 to 200 microns. With a laser spot size of 155 microns.

Will my files be treated as confidential?

All data provided will be stored by Jeneva and not passed on to any third parties. All design files are intellectual property of the sender.